“The body, in its infinite wisdom, knows its own way back to wholeness.” Eugene Gendlin

My name is Gwen. For ten years I’ve been training in body and movement based modalities. I’m a fully qualified Yoga Therapist specialised in Mental Health and Women’s Health, an accredited Focusing (Embodied Listening) Practitioner and a Women’s Health Practitioner.

I am based in Bristol where I work one-to-one with people in an integrated way, bringing together these different disciplines. Working in a way that is tailored to each persons needs, focusing on listening to and honouring the intuitive knowledge and wisdom our bodies carry. My approach to movement is not about a right or wrong way to move but about exploring movement that supports and nourishes us.

When we tune into our bodies and a deeper sense of how things are, we can find grounding and support from within ourselves: Reaching understandings and resolutions  that help us move forward in our lives in ways that feels coherent and aligned with the whole of us. We can meet the places within us that feel stuck or difficult with kindness, patience and curiosity. Taking time with what’s painful or uncomfortable physically and emotionally, not pushing through difficulty, but instead respectfully and gently exploring; finding acceptance for how we are, how the body is, and how it moves. It is this very process of allowing and finding acceptance that creates genuine changes and shifts. I  create a space where the whole of each and every person is welcomed.

“Beneath our conditioned and stressful patterns of being, thinking, moving, and feeling, lies an inner wellspring of intelligence and vitality that knows how to unwind our stress and traumas and move forward our life situations. ” Karen Whalen and Kevin McEvenue