Yoga Therapy and One-To-One Yoga Classes

I offer one-to-one yoga and movement sessions. I work in a gentle and sensitive way, guided by you, your experience and intentions. Together we can look at how yoga and movement may support you with the challenges you are facing. It may be that you have a particular issue you are looking for support with, or it may be that you just prefer to learn yoga in a one-to-one setting. I have specialised in Yoga Therapy for Mental Health and also Well Women Yoga Therapy.

What will a session will look like… how much does it cost?

Sessions are 1 hour long and cost £35 per hour 

In the initial session we will spend some time discussing what’s going on for you to get a broad over view of what your needs are and how I can best support you. We will then start to look at some movements together and give you something that you can begin to practice at home.

In subsequent session we can look at expanding the movement practice and add in meditation, relaxation and breathing practices as appropriate. We can also work together to create a realistic home practice that meets your particular needs and circumstances.

For women we can integrate Women’s Health support work into our one-to-one sessions and explore other tools such as herbs, nutrition, natural healing techniques and bodywork.

“Whenever a part of me feels loved, it awakens to its own healing.” Kevin McEvenue