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“Your body needs the rest. Once your body is allowed to be itself, un-cramped, it has the wisdom to deal with your problems.”   Eugene Gendlin

The social and cultural messages that we receive as women can often subject us to negative or shameful views about our bodies and intense messages about how we ought to be better, need to change, be more this, less that… How we should be working harder, achieving more, earning more, being better mothers, lovers, friends, professionals. That we must strive to do better in all our areas of our lives! It is exhausting!! Rest, relaxation and acceptance of how we are, just as we are, has become an act of rebellion, but one that is essential for our own wellbeing and sustainability.

As a Women’s Health Practitioner and Women’s Yoga Therapist I work with women by encouraging movement that allows the body to soften, find deep relaxation and a sense of connection with ourselves. Allowing us to connect with how our body needs to move in order to let go of tension and allow greater flow.

As well as using yoga and movement we can also incorporate other supportive tools, such as herbs, simple nutrition, natural healing techniques and enquiry questions. We can address issues relating to specific health conditions, menstrual health as well as our general wellbeing.

Menstrual Cycle Support Work

One of the ways I work with women is by sharing teaching about the menstrual cycle. From understanding the menstrual cycle better we can find greater self-acceptance. Our physiology means we undergo more monthly hormonal fluctuation then men do: these shifts in hormones mean that our energy and mood naturally change through the month.

Rather than our menstrual cycle being a negative to endure or an obstacle to overcome, the different stages of the monthly cycle can actually be harnessed to our advantage. Each stage of the cycle offers a different gift and we can learn how to utilise these creatively. Education around these natural shifts can help us understand the differences in our energy and mood and help us plan and preempt when we may feel more energised, productive, more outgoing and social. And when we will most likely have less energy, feel more like drawing in and resting and how this rest is not only crucial for our well being but it also makes us more productive later in our cycle.

In a relatively ‘normal’ cycle estrogen rises in the follicular stage (first half of the cycle) and peaks around ovulation (when an egg is released), along with testosterone, giving us an increase in energy. These hormones then drop, with estrogen having another smaller rise in the luteal (later) stage as progesterone peaks then drops before menstruation occurs. An easy way to understand the stages of the cycle is to liken them to the seasons of the year: Winter being the bleed a time of retreat, rest and recuperation. Spring being the follicular stage of pre ovulation, think tender new shoots and life and energy re-emerging. Summer is the time around ovulation, yes that’s right think heat! Summer often comes with outward energy, excitement but also for some women some pain or discomfort. Autumn is the luteal stage of pre-menstruation, a productive time but with an increasing need to draw in and usually a decline in energy.

These cycles will of course change from woman to woman and different women love and struggle with different parts of the cycle, which is something we can explore in our work work together. I love sharing education about the menstrual cycle because these teachings have transformed my life and my experience of my cycle. Like many women I experienced excruciating pain that crippled me in my teenage years but through yoga and movement, food and lifestyle changes and by learning about my cycle this has transformed.

Time, Costs and Place

Sessions are 1 hour and cost £40

*I am currently offering 3 online sessions for £100

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Please do email me if you have questions or would like arrange a time for us to speak: gwen@wholeselfspace.com

“I reentered my body by learning to move my self, to dance my own dance from the inside out, not the outside in.”   Gabrielle Roth

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