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Women’s Health Well Woman Yoga Therapy

 I am an accredited Women’s Health Practitioner and an accredited Well Women Yoga Therapist. I work with women and girls from the maiden years to menarche, motherhood to menopause.  I support women to move into closer connection with the menstrual cycle and life phases in order to understand, make friends with and harness the energy and opportunity they they can bring us, working with any issues relating to these cycles. I love this work because befriending the natural fluxes in our monthly cycle and life stages supports self acceptance and the confidence to access the innate wisdom and power that these cycles offer us.

I work one-to-one or in groups. I can deliver bespoke Well Woman workshops in your workplace, or in your home with an intimate group of friends. We can also incorporate yoga and movement, breath work, relaxation techniques as well as herbs, simple nutrition, natural healing techniques and gentle body work.

 What will a session will look like and how much does it cost?

 Sessions are 1 hour long and cost £35.

When you book an appointment I will ask you for a short overview of why you are coming and what you would like to get from the sessions. In the first session we will spend some time discussing this more deeply so I can get a good idea of what your needs are and how I can best support you. We will then look at some appropriate practices that you can take away to start working and experimenting with. I follow the session up with an email detailing the practices, tools and techniques we have discussed and a plan of how we can continue to work with the presenting issues.

The approach I offer is flexible and tailored to suit your situation and also what interests you. My aim is to meet you where you are in this moment, to work in a way that feels  right for you.  I strive to offer an approach that can encompasses all aspects of wellness. Nothing needs to be left outside the door, it is all welcome, the whole of you is welcome.

“We need to reconnect to the natural world through the nature of our own bodies, so we can remember our sacred roles as restorers and protectors of Life.”  Tree Sisters

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