Women’s Yoga

“Your body needs the rest. Once your body is allowed to be itself, un-cramped, it has the wisdom to deal with your problems.”   Eugene Gendlin

At the moment the following class is on offer. More classes starting soon… please get in touch if you would like to be kept informed of up and coming classes.

Restorative Women’s Yoga – Monday 8pm to 9.30pm, Fishponds Bristol, £10 or £8 concessions.

Restorative Women’s Yoga is a gentle yoga class focused on relaxation and nurturing movement. The classes starts with a lying down relaxation practice, followed by gentle, movements that encourage us to connect with our bodies and what they need in each moment using movements that encourage the body to find openness and space. The class offers women who have more energy the opportunity to take the movements a little further whilst offering those with less energy ways to honour that. We close the class with a guided relaxation practice.

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